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Our Services

Optical Fitting, Adjusting, & Repair

The optical department at Wizard of Eyes Optical is staffed by professionals whose primary concern is to assist each and every patient in selecting eyewear that will compliment their personal style as well as their lifestyle. Our staff is well trained in new lens technologies and is extremely successful at matching lifestyle and lens technology in order to create an eyewear product that is customized to the individual. We have over 1000 frame styles in our optical department in order to satisfy the personal styling taste of each patient. Every pair of glasses is a customized product. We also promise to stand behind that product if, for any reason, there is a problem.



Any prescription can be made from +20.00 to -20.00 same day. We are the only independent opticians in Manhattan with a complete eyeglass laboratory. Drill mounted glasses will be made the same day.


Contact Lens Fitting is Provided

Standard Contact Lens Fitting:

This fitting is for an existing contact lens user who wears disposable, daily wear, or extended wear contact lenses. It includes two follow-up visits within three months. The standard CLF is covered in full following any applicable co-pays.


Specialty Contact Lens Fitting:

This fitting is for a member who has never worn contact lenses or who requires a more complex fit for toric, gas permeable, or multi-focal contact lenses.


Drill Mounting Services

All drill mounted eyeglass lenses are fabricated with the latest computer technology.







We Carry

the Following

Lens Products



Reflection Free

Hi-index Lenses



Scratch Resistant

Custom Tints



187 East 116th Street

(bet. 3rd Ave. & Lexington Ave.)

New York, NY 10029








”Se Habla Español!“




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